How do you clean your menstrual panties?
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How do you clean your menstrual panties?

Menstrual panties: How to care for them?

Recently you fell in love with menstrual panties, but you still do not know how to take care of them? Here are our tips.

Menstrual panties not only provide you with comfort during this always delicate period, but also prevent numerous inconveniences such as unpleasant odors, unplanned leakage or, worse, health problems that can be very serious.

In short, menstrual panties will save your life and here are just the right tips to take care of them on a daily basis.

How do I care for my menstrual panties?

Before you use your menstrual panties for the first time, you should wash them at 30°C in the washing machine. The reason for this? This will simply result in better absorption of your fluid later.

In everyday life, after you have used your menstrual slip on the first day of your cycle, you should clean it as follows:

  • First rinse the panties with cold water to remove an initial portion of the absorbed blood.
  • Pre-wash the menstrual panties by hand with soap.
  • Then put your panties in the washing machine and opt for a 30°C wash. If you don't want to mix your panties with your other clothes, don't worry, you can always use a laundry net.
  • Finally, let your panties air dry. It is not recommended to dry them in the dryer, for the simple reason that this can make the fibers of the panties brittle and therefore damage them faster.

    Mistakes you should not make when caring for your menstrual slip.

    Taking proper care of your menstrual slip also means that you should avoid some mistakes. Here they are:

    • Use aggressive detergents such as bleach or white vinegar, as they damage the fibers of the panties.
    • Choose a washing temperature that is too high: choose a washing temperature between 30°C.
    • Dry your panties in the tumble dryer.
    • Use fabric softener. The reason? The use of non-natural products can damage the panties in the long run.
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