What you need to know about our menstrual underwear
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What you need to know about our menstrual underwear

How menstrual panties work

About a quarter of the world's population menstruates and a woman uses an average of 12,000 tampons in her lifetime - reason enough to look into alternative menstrual hygiene!

Menstrual underwear is based on the design of comfortable and beautiful panties with integrated absorbent pad, which consists of several layers:

  • The first layer ensures that you always feel dry and directs the liquid to the second layer.
  • This is followed by an antibacterial and absorbent layer. This layer is made to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and unpleasant odors. In addition, depending on the manufacturer and model, the layer absorbs the amount of one to three bleeding tampons.
  • The outermost layer is made of a liquid-proof membrane, so the pants remain stain-free. And, mind you, it's breathable, so you don't have to worry about it damaging your skin.

    In principle, you can wash menstrual underwear at 40 degrees with the rest of your clothes.  However, it is recommended that you rinse them beforehand and avoid using fabric softeners and bleach, as well as dryers and irons.

    Sustainability and alternatives

    From the outside, menstrual panties look like normal underwear. The panties are only one to two millimeters thicker at the crotch.

    Menstrual underwear can be worn for five to seven years without losing their antibacterial effect. This makes the garments much more sustainable compared to tampons and pads, similar to menstrual cups. Both products help you reduce contamination.

    How long can you wear menstrual underwear?

    You can wear menstrual panties both on days with light bleeding and on days with heavy periods. Remember that these absorbent panties are also suitable for women with bladder weakness. If you have a heavier period, you can also combine panties with other products such as menstrual cups or tampons if you feel more confident.

    If you want to avoid traditional menstrual products, manufacturers recommend changing underwear at least every six hours for heavy bleeding and every twelve hours for regular bleeding. If you are traveling, it is best to have a reusable bag where you can safely store used underwear.

    How many panties does one need for one menstrual period?

    We recommend having at least four or five panties for the same period, but it depends on how long and how heavy a woman's period is. Remember that they can be washed by hand or with the rest of the laundry, so if you wash them every day, you can use them again and again within the same period.

    How do you clean your menstrual panties?
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