Sun, cycle and sweat: Outdoor training this summer🌞🏋️‍♀️
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Sun, cycle and sweat: Outdoor training this summer🌞🏋️‍♀️

Summer is here, and with it, the excuses to go out and train under the sun.

But before you start running on the beach like you’re in a Baywatch movie, let’s talk about how your menstrual cycle can influence your performance.
It’s not magic, it’s science, and I promise we won’t suggest syncing your sneakers with the moon phases.

The power is in your hormones:

During the follicular phase, which starts with your menstruation and lasts about halfway through your cycle, something magical happens (well, it's more biology than magic).

Your body begins to increase estrogen production and says goodbye to the progesterone from the last cycle.

This means more energy and a lifted mood—yes, even if it doesn't seem like it when you're forced to use a towel instead of a tampon because you forgot to buy more.

Ideal training for the follicular phase:

With energy at its peak, it's the perfect time for high-intensity activities.
Think spinning, running, or HIIT in the park.

And since you're outdoors, why not make each session count?

Complement these power workouts with a diet rich in carbohydrates and probiotics (yes, yogurt isn't just for breakfast).

Why sync with your cycle:

Syncing your workout with your menstrual cycle not only makes you feel like a warrior goddess biohacking her life, but it also has real benefits.

Fewer injuries, better recovery, and more efficient energy use are just some of the advantages.

So, as you wonder whether you should run an extra five kilometers or just take a more casual stroll, remember that your cycle has the answer.

In conclusion:

Training outdoors this summer doesn’t have to be just a series of sweaty and exhausting routines.

So grab your water, your sunscreen, and your sense of humor, and get ready to make the most of your summer workouts.

Remember, it’s your summer, your body, and now, your cycle is also on the team.

Which relationship has been easier: Mom or Period?🤭👩‍👧
🌞Summer starts and you can't miss out on plans with friends because of menstruation 😱

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