🌞Summer starts and you can't miss out on plans with friends because of menstruation 😱
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🌞Summer starts and you can't miss out on plans with friends because of menstruation 😱

Hello, Summertime!
Summer is here, the sun is shining, cold drinks are flowing, and plans with friends are in full swing.
But, oh, surprise, your period has decided to join the party too.
Don't worry, don't let that stop you.
Here’s a fun guide, full of tips and a touch of sarcasm, so you can enjoy the summer without worrying about those red days.
  1. Choosing your summer outfit: The eternal dilemma: how to combine style, freshness, and comfort?
Easy, opt for dark colors to avoid visible accidents. Who said black is only for winter?
Add a hat, some big sunglasses, and you’re ready for anything.
Oh, and don’t forget your favorite menstrual panties! You'll be the queen of style and comfort.
  1. Menstrual survival kit: Create your own emergency kit: tampons, wet wipes, an extra pair of menstrual panties, and a painkiller for those moments when your uterus decides to practice its best samba dance.
Keep everything in a discreet little bag, and voila, indestructible!
  1. Hydration, baby! In summer, hydration is key, and during your period, even more so!
Drink plenty of water, not only to feel good but to keep your skin radiant.
Add some cucumber or lemon slices to your water for a chic and detox touch. Nothing says "I’m fabulous" like a stylish water bottle.
Remember, your period doesn’t have to be an obstacle to enjoying summer and plans with friends.
With these tips, you'll be more than ready for anything the sun and beach throw at you.
So, put on your menstrual panties, grab your survival kit, and enjoy! 🌞
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