Which relationship has been easier: Mom or Period?🤭👩‍👧
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Which relationship has been easier: Mom or Period?🤭👩‍👧

Both can be unpredictable, sometimes make us cry, and definitely make us appreciate the good days even more.
So, I'll tell you about these dynamics with a bit of humor and sincerity.
- Day to Day
Let's start with mom: She's known you from the beginning. She's always there, for better or for worse, with advice you didn't ask for but probably need.
Now, let's talk about the period: It arrives each month without fail (well, more or less), and although it doesn't bring advice, it does bring pain, cravings, and mood swings that could compete with any soap opera.
- Moments of Crisis
Your mother can drive you crazy, yes, but she is also your greatest support in times of crisis. She is that emergency call you know will always be answered.
On the other hand, your period seems to have the worst timing possible.
Important event? There it is, making sure you really remember it.
-The Surprise Factor
Both relationships come with their share of surprises.
With mom, you never know when she'll drop an embarrassing story from your childhood in front of your friends (or worse, your date).
With your period, the surprise is not so fun. It's more like "surprise, your favorite pants now have a new stain".
In the end...
Both relationships, although sometimes complicated, are absolutely necessary and vital.
Mom is that constant, loving rock (with a touch of occasional madness), and your period is a monthly reminder that your body is working as it should (even if it's overly enthusiastic about it).
This Mother's Day, as you reflect on your relationship with mom, also consider the importance of maintaining a good relationship with your menstrual cycle.
Both are essential parts of life, full of ups and downs, but always better when handled with care, respect, and, of course, a good sense of humor.
So, Happy Mother's Day, and remember, both mom and your period deserve a little appreciation (even if it's with a resigned smile!).
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