1. What are the Eco Pads?

- Our Eco Pads are comfortable, affordable and suitable for all women. With their sophisticated design, our collection provides effective absorption and odor reduction, and can be easily washed and reused. The eco-friendly pads are reusable and machine washable. Thanks to their triple layer of bamboo fibers, the pads have an absorption capacity of 40 to 80 ml. They are also 100% natural and contain no odor-causing chemicals found in disposable pads.

2. How does it work?

- The gusset is the absorbent part of the ruler underwear, which consists of four layers. The liquid passes through the top layer of the gusset to the next layer. There it is stored. The last, very thin layer contains a waterproof and breathable gel that prevents leakage. The antimicrobial treatment keeps bacteria away and neutralizes odors in the bellows, ensuring hygiene and freshness.

How do I care for my Eco Pads and how long can I use them?

- In order to use your reusable Eco Pads for a long time, you should rinse them in cold water after use until the water is no longer discolored. Do not soak them. Most importantly, do not let the Eco Pads dry completely after wearing. Wash them at 30 degrees without fabric softener, as it affects the functionality of the fabric. Hang to dry, reuse, and the same from the beginning.

4.What is it made of?

- Our collection is carefully made of bamboo and cotton materials, which provide effective absorption and odor reduction, and can be easily washed and reused. It can be worn for up to twelve hours and absorbs three times more than a disposable pad.